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Anchorage Offers a World of Adventure


Known for its long summer days where the sun doesn’t even set until almost midnight and then rises again around 4 a.m. Anchorage, Alaska is also home to approximately 44% of the entire population of Alaska. Anchorage real estate is popular for many home buyers and the reasons for why so many Alaskans decide to call the state’s largest city their home are varied and numerous. Some like the fact that the city has no sales tax and no income tax, making it “the most tax friendly city in the nation”. Or maybe it is the fact that so much of Anchorage real estate is nestled among its beautiful natural wildlife, including black bears, moose, fox, wolves, lynx, bald eagles, and grizzly bears, that roam freely through the picturesque habitats. Some people relocate to embrace the clear skies, fresh air, and some of the best drinking water in the US, while others welcome the fact that the job market is strong with unemployment at some of the lowest rates in the country. Others might simply find themselves to be a welcome stranger within a city that is filled with newcomers and home to more than 100 different dialects. Whatever the reason for the popularity of Anchorage real estate, it is certain that this is a city unlike any other!

Increasing Home Values


With the values of homes on an increasing rise, Anchorage real estate is not only an attractive consideration for the home buyer but also is considered to be a worthwhile investment for property developers or investors of income generating property as well. In the past, the Anchorage real estate market has closely mimicked the prices of oil but market analysts are predicting that the trend in the value of Anchorage real estate will remain fairly constant and if anything, will only increase throughout the next few years. With predictions like this, not to mention all of the other unique and welcoming features of the city fondly called “The City of Lights and Flowers”, it’s never too late to contact Michael Tavoliero, your estate agent in the Anchorage area, for more information. Give me a call, text  at 1 907 230 1992 or email I am ready to help you in all your real estate needs.

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