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Buying A House In Alaska During The Holidays

With Thanksgiving now firmly behind us and only one month left until Christmas, Americans turn their focus to getting ready for the happiest time of the year. There’s lots of shopping to do, a lot of planning, last minute holiday deals, hotel bookings and so on. If you’re living in Alaska however, some extra steps are expected when getting ready for winter. People will be stocking up on emergency supplies, purchasing extra sun lamps, checking the smoke detectors, cleaning their fireplaces, and of course, servicing the exterior of their homes.
Very few people indeed will be thinking about buying a house in Alaska during the holidays. Yet some people still do, because they recognize it can be an interesting period that certainly has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to house hunting. To understand why this is the case, we’ll need to take a closer look at all the benefits one may look to capitalize on during such a busy period for people in Alaska.

Advantages of Buying A House In Alaska During The Holidays

There is much smaller competition for buyers. When you’re trying to buy a new home during non holiday months you’ll likely have more homes to browse through, but the competition between potential buyers will be tougher as well. You’ll usually have to make your mind quickly especially if you like one particular house and you’re trying to outbid other interested parties. During the holidays you simply won’t find as many people interested in buying a home, so you’ll have more time to make up your mind.

Homes are priced cheaper. Homeowners who look to sell during the holidays are usually very serious about finding a buyer quickly. They might be relocating to start a new job right after the holidays, or they simply need extra money during said holidays to cover some important expenses or debt that may have been lingering for a bit too long. This is great news to potential buyers, as they’ll likely be able to get a far better price than outside of the holiday period. Less potential buyers will also mean less offers, meaning the sellers can’t really be picky and will probably settle for a very affordable price. Not needing to be as aggressive, the buyers have the advantage here.

Historically low interest rates. Right now in Alaska, commercial real estate interest rates have reached historical lows, which means this is an extra incentive to buy a home during this period. Interest rates will surely start climbing soon enough, so the time to buy a home is now, and lock it in at a very small interest rate.

Easy access to professionals. Finding quality real estate agents to help you through the process of purchasing a home can be key. That is why during this period, they’ll be easier to schedule appointments with during their work hours, as they’ll have less clients to deal with. Home buyers will also find that movers, cleaners, and any other service they may require will be easier to book than outside of this period, because there simply isn’t that much clientèle available to go around.

The holiday spirit will work wonders. People are nicer during the holidays, that is a well known fact. Alaskans looking to buy a new home, or people who will be moving to Alaska for the first time will find cold temperatures outside but a lot of warmth from anyone they come into contact with. Alaskans are friendly people, from the professionals you will come into contact with, all the way to your new neighbors who will jump at the opportunity to help you settle in nicely. Lastly, companies who deal with your mortgage loan approval will also be nicer during this time of year, although you’ll still have to be very well qualified to get approved.

Disadvantages Of Buying A House In Alaska During The Holidays

Now that we have listed some of the biggest benefits of going house hunting in Alaska during the holidays, it is only fair that we complete this analysis by going over some of the disadvantages as well. No period is perfect for house hunting, every single month of the year has it’s pros and cons.

Fewer properties on offer. As most people will have little to no interest in selling their homes during the holidays season, it means that not only will there be fewer buyers, there will also be fewer sellers available. If you want to get yourself the perfect home you’ve been dreaming of in Alaska, you might find yourself a bit frustrated. Very few properties on offer means you won’t have that much of a choice available to you. If you’re not looking for something too specific, you won’t be too bothered by this, but if you want your home to have certain facilities, a certain amount of rooms, a certain location, then you may find yourself out of luck.

Some houses on sale may be hard to visit. If it’s during winter, some houses might be tougher to reach especially if it’s snowing. The main roads are always plowed during and after snowing, but houses on the outskirts may be difficult to get to.

Some homeowners won’t schedule visits during this period. Their house might be for sale but they’re clearly not part of the ‘desperate to sell’ group we talked about when listing advantages. These are the homeowners who’ve listed their property during the summer, haven’t managed to sell and are not in a rush. They won’t spare their precious holiday time to show potential buyers around. So the properties on offer might actually be fewer than you’d initially think when browsing through the listings.


If you are serious about purchasing a new home in Alaska, doing it during the holidays is definitely something to consider, especially if you’re on a budget. This is absolutely the best time to get a new home for the best possible price, and if you don’t mind the extra snow, cold temperatures and a smaller number of properties on offer, then you’re definitely likely to get a good deal for your new home.
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