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To most people, “home staging” isn’t a new term. Professional realtors and homeowners like to view it as shedding new lights on an already existing home to make it appealing to potential buyers and sell faster in the long run.

Until recently, homeowners had to depend on their discretion as far as preparing a home for showing was concerned. Though they could depend on agents for directions occasionally, the results in the end were not so different. Yes, it is true that agents know a thing or two about selling a home. But when it comes to designs, you may need more than just someone who can “sell” a home.

At this point home staging comes in handy. With the ever-increasing demand for comfort and luxury in the real estate market in Alaska, fine-tuning your home before showing will put it in a position of advantage. Most homes sell faster when staged properly. The reason for this is really quite simple. First impressions! There are specifications home buyers in Anchorage and the valley look for, and if you can stage your home to display them appropriately, you will sell your home fast and for a good price.

From experience, a potential buyer already makes up their mind some seconds before they step in the front door. They start forming an opinion as they pull into your drive way. This scenario doesn’t leave too much room for error. To get a buyer’s heart, a home should be presented in the best possible way always. A nice home staging should help you do this effectively and set you on the path to selling your home fast for good money.

When you stage your home, you need to make sure it is relevant and most importantly, current. With the evolving and ever-changing lifestyle in Alaska, your home needs to stay in tune with technological advancement and luxury settings. This may require that you adopt new design trends so your home doesn’t look obsolete. It is equally important that your property is well suited for present realities in Anchorage such as weather, environment, and home luxury.

The tips below should help you create a home staging budget that would give your home a look that is both current and luxurious.



Cheap fresh coat paint seem like nothing but you’d be amazed at how quickly it can brighten up spaces in your home. Yes, white comes to mind but recent trends suggest otherwise. To many, white may seem like the ultimate neutral color but shades of gray tend give walls and accents a modern look.

If you want to get a bit artistic, taupe and beige may not be out-of-place. Make sure your flooring accommodates whatever color you chose to go with.


To complement the colors you chose and stay in tune with current trends, you should stick with metal accents. They are the current favorite, the copper kind to be specific. They are easy to maintain and can add spark and the much-needed brightness to any room. Copper’s hard nature makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens since it is bacteria resistant.


Most home buyers in Anchorage and the valley  are likely to be cost-conscious and alert to their environment. Targeting energy efficiency is an excellent place to start in your quest to win their hearts over. Your goal should be to provide a potential buyer with a home that is both comfortable and cheap to run.

If you make use of double-panned windows like most Alaskan homes, you may want to add a low E-film to them. This should boost energy efficiency and also slow down the rate of heat transfer yearly. While replacing your HVAC and other appliances will do the trick, you can save cost by simply increasing attic insulation and placing special covers over water heaters to reduce your home’s energy consumption rate.


Home staging will never be complete without technology. As a home owner who wants to sell his home fast, you need to stay competitive always. Installing some form of smart technology in your home is a good way to stay competitive. Though installations such as this are easy to fit into a new home during its construction, your old home can still accommodate some slight technological adjustments. You can do this by adding smart home technology and its components to your home piece after piece.

For a few dollars, you can add a thermostat to your home. Smart technology like this one may come cheap but they make your home better and attractive to buyers.


Most home owners fail to repair obvious faults and damages in their homes because of the cost associated with such repairs. While this may feel like a correct business decision to make, ignoring repairs can put your home on the wrong side of the real estate market in South Central Alaska. So If an area in your home needs some repair, it may be wise to do it.

For example, “Counter tops” should greatly improve the look of your bathroom and kitchen. You could also try some trending styles like quartz and marble if you can afford them. But don’t invest too much in these upgrades if you are not sure of the resale value of your home will cover the cost and also yield profits in return.


Buyers are looking for homes that match their demand for entertainment and work. It may seem peculiar to Alaska but the concept of having a “home office” in a home is not solely an Alaskan idealogy. With more people working from home these days, staging your home to qualify for home-office tax deduction is important.

People are looking for a home they can turn to an office and a play zone at will. Homes suited for outdoor engagements will appeal to potential buyers. Addition of built-in smart options wouldn’t be out of place if you can afford to install them in your home before showing.

It’s important to plan additions to your home around your home staging budget. If you follow the tips highlighted above, your home should look updated and in tune with current real estate market realities.


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