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South Central Alaska offers something for everyone!

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When people hear of Alaska, they tend to think of it as a region that is largely underdeveloped. In actuality, it is not so. While it is a state of rugged beauty which remains to be fully explored, the amenities and lifestyle options in Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Wasilla and Palmer Alaska offer some of the best homes available.

Star Gazing and Northern Lights

Northern lights in Alaska

While it is true that the arctic cold will give you goose bumps, the northern lights will warm you completely. Watching the Aurora Borealis is a routine outing during almost any time of year for you. The best part is you will get to watch the northern lights from the best seat available your own home.

Wild Life

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You will love Alaska if you are a wild life enthusiast since you will be sharing city space with them. Wild life sightings are common. Even in the cities, animals like moose, bear, eagles and others tend to wander throughout the community. Moose sitting alongside the roads or near your home are a familiar sight.

Outdoor Lifestyle


Alaska is a place for outdoor activities all year long. It promises outdoor fun from cross country/downhill skiing, ice fishing, skating and dog sled racing in winter to camping, fishing, boating, tennis, golf and hiking during the long summer days. The 10 day Fur Rondy, the World Ice Arts Championships, the Iditarod, the Talkeetna Blue Grass Festival and the Alaska State Fair are some of the festivals that give a shot in the arm for Alaska’s image of being a great outdoor-loving community.

One of the Best Lifestyles in the United States

south central alaska offers something for everyone

Critical aspects like a thriving economy, a vibrant culture and a family-friendly atmosphere make Alaska an excellent place that you can call your home. When you are moving to Alaska, your dream of living near beautiful lakes, unique wildlife and picturesque mountain vistas become a reality. All it takes is letting me know your Alaska real estate needs, so give me a holler, I’d love to make it happen for you.

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